Join us as we explore the “infinite field of potential” using the backdrop of

Soul Wellness Programs: E-Squared

“…those of us who do know about…the energetic field that gives us the ability to shape and design our lives – don’t understand how it works.

We’ve heard rumors that praying turns it on, that good works keeps it going. But no one seems to know for sure. This guru tells us to chant. The next one suggests meditation. The one from last year insisted we clean up our thoughts and increase our vibrations.

So, which is it?

Is the energy force really that vague and mysterious? And why does it only work sometimes? At best, finicky and fickle, certainly nothing you can bank on.

Or is it?

We’d like to suggest that this invisible energy field is 100 percent reliable. It works every time, like a math principle or the law of physics. Two plus two always equals four. Balls dropped off roofs always fall. For every thought always affects physical reality.”

This book is often irreverent, includes fun as an aspect of the spiritual journey, and is backed by science.

Our 10 sessions will include opportunities to:

  • Safely engage in self-exploration
  • Share the journey with a small group of like-minded people (max. 6)
  • Explore insights, aha moments, challenges, and questions
  • Receive coaching support when confusion or challenges arise
  • Learn tools to ease and enrich your life
  • Do your own lab experiment to prove whether the principles work
  • Access the recordings of each session

When: TBD Fall 2023

Where: Zoom Meeting Room (details provided after registration)


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