There are days when we wake up blah and not the least bit grateful for anything in that moment. Maybe we are worried about the day or feel rushed to get moving so we have time to meditate, journal and work out before going to work! Or maybe we just feel like complaining about the lack of something whether it is sleep, coffee, or not having a vacation when we wanted which of course, would be NOW.

Funny how this can happen so quick that if we don’t watch it, the attitude of Lack can enhance our playing field to a new level of what we really don’t want to experience at all. Now we are having feelings of anxiousness due to the release of over surge of cortisol. So what we can do to shift into a new attitude and shut off the cortisol and have oxytocin (feeling good hormone) be released?

We can decide to play a game of “Gratitude Dominos”.

According to the domino theory after the first domino (starter one) is pushed into another domino the energy will increase when it pushes into the next one and the next one after that until the last domino building up energy speed as it pushes into last one. Truly powerful energy!! This means I have the ability to squash the lower energy emotions to ending my day with a “Big Bang of energy results”!!!!

Are you ready to PLAY???

Begin by Creating a list of gratitude’s something like this:

I am grateful for my family

I am grateful for my home

I am grateful for my partner

I am grateful for nice clothes

I am grateful for love

I am grateful for peace

I am grateful for my job

I am grateful for joyful relationships

I am grateful for wisdom

What if you painted each of your domino with a gratitude about yourself or others or your life and when you wake up in the morning you can choose which one to be the starter one and see where it goes to next??? Super cool right?

You can store them in a pouch then shake the pouch up and choose the one to Be the Starter Domino for that day and do this every morning for a week!!!

Visualize that Domino building energy with every interaction you have during your day with people or with objects- there is no lack in this playing field!!! Then when you wind down from the day reflect on the evidence of the way your day unfolded in a journal. You will be amazed how after a weeks of this practice how your lens of your reality shifts and all because you chose Gratitude as your new attitude!!!

You will flourish and thrive in a ways you never dreamed of because when you live in gratitude all your resistance, doubts, negativity is nonexistent and expansiveness is activated in body, mind and spirit.

So the next time you wake up and start feeling anything of lack, pick up a bunch of gratitude dominos, select one to be the starter and visualize the push!! And watch the energy build up unfold during your day!

It is an awesome game to play with yourself. Who knows, gratitude might become your new best friend.

Here is to having a fabulous Gratitude Domino Day!

Love, Beth

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