Here are some easy steps to take to turn anything you say negatively about your-self, or about someone else or a situation in to a positive talk. It really WORKS!! Just takes PRACTICE!

Negative self-talk so wastes your energy, depletes your health and can really dampen your spirit by you not living your higher purpose. Therefore, you are not experiencing your Best self, you are frankly experiencing your Normal self. So let’s get the ball rolling and really take a big look at what has been going on in Negativity Land or the Self-Limiting Thought Land. This is truly important to be aware of your negative self-talking by allowing it to be acknowledge so you can SQUASH it! And to fight the urge to say I Don’t have negative thoughts”..really, I just don’t!! The more you fight it, the more negativity will bubble up and it will have control over your life more than your realize.

  1. Start listening to what you say to yourself and others negatively in the present moment (Awareness is key). Take this on…… Really be present to all that mind chatter.
  2. Name the negative thought based on your belief: Blame, Guilt, Shame, Perfection, Labeling, Personalizing, Should of/Would of/Could of ***(Naming it releases the power over you because you Now have the choice to let go). Write it down. Simple short sentence is best.
  3. Rewrite into a positive statement.(Give yourself kudos for doing this). Saying it out loud or rewriting it several times and doing this every day for a week or longer will make sure the new Neuro- synapses that were formed build super strong milo sheaths and therefore, you brain will go back there first when it is looking for that memory. Yep repetition of positive statements is now your New Best Friend!
    Repeat this process for each negative thought you have about yourself, others or life.
  4. Now record your new positive statements on your phone or recorder. Write them on Post-its and put them where you will read them often. Mirrors or car steering wheel works well.
  5. Listen several times a day to your recording and read your post-its.

Doing this mindfulness process of turning negatives into positives takes practice and it is so worth the results of rewiring your brain.
As you make this practice a new focus in your life the benefits are tremendous.

New Positive Shift = Energy Increase + Motivation Increase + Success Increase

Big Love,


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