Most of us go through our daily living in judgment without really understanding that we are judging or what is going on internally and the affects that it has on our wellness. I am not saying judging is always a wrong thing to do because there are times it will keep us safe.
After all our ability to discern if I am safe in the moment based what I see, feel, smell, touch & hear are completely valuable for us.

I would like to discuss in my perspective a huge tool to help in self-care that is often not worked on. This does mean being open to taking off Your Rose Colored Glasses about you and dig deep into “How You Live”, and “What do you want to accomplish”?

Questions to Ask:
Why am I judging myself? We tend to spend a lot a time in beating ourselves over not living up to our own expectations.

Why am I judging another person? If you feel they are inadequate in any way, whether they talk, dress, behave etc…. (fill in) differently then you in your moments of comparison then you are judging.

I know awareness around this isn’t easy to do.

If you can imagine you have an Energy Savings Account. This Energy Savings Account in its purest state is always full and available to you. There are times you are depositing, filling it up, and there are times you are withdrawing.

If you over withdrawal energy with out re-filling, then your essence becomes depleted. It does not have enough to give you.

When this occurs you will notice:

Negativity builds and FEAR shows up
You loose sleep over reliving the judgment
Dirty Rose-colored glasses are used
Intentions are out of place
Disempowering decisions are made
Goals are misaligned.

No worries you do have the ability to change this….

You can take Steps to free yourself from Judgments, which will help you continue to fill up your Energy Savings Account

  1. Begin your day with a grounding practice: Breath work, Meditation, or journaling on gratitude’s.
  2. Notice when you feel off and check in with yourself to see if you are judging yourself. If you are, give yourself compassionate talk and a hug.
  3. If you find yourself judging others, take a moment to center yourself and simply use a mantra “ I choose to be Judge-Free” to calm your mind. Or you could say, “It is none of my business” or “its their journey”

You can do this
Love, Beth

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