In this fast pace world of “To-Do- Lists”, and going full throttle at a speed often faster than what we did yesterday. We often forget to pat ourselves for the things we have accomplished.

I know, you are thinking seriously, who has time to say “Awesome” to ourselves with the amount of what you have to do, or what the outside world aka our bosses/kids/partners wanting us to accomplish? Oh! and what about our goals…our dreams???

Yet did you know that acknowledging yourself adds to the efficiency of getting more “To-Dos” done!! Yep and you know why? Because you are connecting with feeling good with what you have accomplished. That connection builds more confidence and motivation so when you have a really tough or Big action item to get done, you do it!!

What can I do about quieting that noise of, I don’t have time to acknowledge myself?

1. We can take the time to Breath and self-acknowledges ourselves for even the smaller action steps we take. Yes you get to celebrate! Because after all, you are so worth it even if the outside world is telling you otherwise.

You see the Inner-self has a Compass that has been helping you all along. You just need to sit back and let go of the negative self-talk.

This gives you more energy- doesn’t take away from your time-line!!

2. Write yourself a note how fabulous you feel now, and thanking “your-self” for getting your action items done. Actually take the time to write a gratitude for each one!! You can do this anytime during the day!! There is no judgement on time in the Present- the NOW J

3. Prewrite Stickies with congratulations

You’re Awesome

Great Job

Way to Rock it

You’re fabulous

You make it look so easy

Love how you flow with ease

Wow! Nice using your Powerful focus

Have these easily accessible!! Maybe you want to store them in the front of your day planner or somewhere on your computer, or in a desk draw!

Just make them easy to get out because you know, the negative self-talk might strike at the same moment you are creating a new way of being congratulatory to yourself.

So don’t let it!! You can do this!!

Creating a daily practice of acknowledgement helps build confidence, self-esteem, energy, and happiness. Enjoy the process of truly acknowledging YOU! And PASS IT ON!!

Love, Beth

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